Noir Collection



In la ville de l’amour, anything can happen if your heart is open.

Take a walk along the rushing River Seine and ask a stranger to take your photo. Look up to Cathédrale Notre-Dame to experience over 850 years of divine intervention.

Hole up in a candle-lit bistro with a lover and sip on a glass of red, as notes of black cherry and saffron fill the air. In hushed voices, reminisce in the art, poetry, and radical magic of it all.

Feel the vibrations of those around you. Fall deeper with every breath.

Divine, otherworldly.
For the lovers and the dreamers.
Notes of rich patchouli, black cherry, and smooth praline.
Sandalwood and vetiver seduce the spirit.
Burning & Care

For a better burning experience, trim candle wick before each use. Burn time approximately 60 hours.