love, Cherry

Noir Collection



I keep you tucked away,
as if your whole being could be contained in a tiny paper square
kept in the back pocket of my jeans

I unfold you, all but hold you, in my mind
in the certain stillness, our world’s collide
vast and great
entire oceans wide

like the last swim to mark September’s end
draw the curtains back;
marvel in our quiet submersion

I fold you up again
with oil and inked stained hands
for water cannot be still
but here, my dear, you always will.

About Arts & Cherry: 

Step into the world of Alexandra Moceri, a Toronto-based artist, whose visionary talent in contemporary realism, sets the stage for our latest olfactory masterpiece. Drawing inspiration from her spellbinding piece, “Finishing Touches”, this fragrance pays a sweet tribute to Moceri’s knack for eloquently expressing the very soul of the human form. Her artwork, a joyous revelry in emotional depths, authenticity, and tender openness, takes center stage in this fragrant ballet. Artfully composed with meticulous precision, “Finishing Touches” exhibits the delicate marriage of alcohol ink and oil paint, evoking cozy hues of warm burgundy and magenta that beckon you to join an intimate dance of scent. Moceri’s brush dances like verses in an unwritten love poem, composing a timeless melody of sensuality that etches itself into your soul. Immerse yourself in the embrace of art through scent, where each note resonates with the passion and grace woven into Moceri’s visual storytelling.


Sultry and sweet;
Alluring and familiar all at once
Sensual Mirabella plum, black cherry amber base
Floral top notes of lush peony, woody vanilla bean
With a whisper of musk, and freshly-spun cotton candy
Burning & Care

For a better burning experience, trim candle wick before each use. Burn time approximately 60 hours.