Noir Collection



Bustling and inviting, the Old Byblos souk welcomes you. Tantalizing bready smells of fresh manoushe warm the senses, and joyous strums from a lute fill the air.

Day or night, you’ll find little shops overflowing with colourful, traditional textiles, precious momentos, and charming trinkets. Stop in at a cafe and sip on dark, spicy cardamom tea, Or settle down on a lively patio and snack on small plates of kibbeh and tabbouleh.

Soak in the night. Pearls of laughter and indistinct chatter make this market feel like home to all.

Spicy and sensual.
Saturated, in full bloom.
Amber and musk base.
Combined with mandarin and cedarwood.
Burning & Care

For a better burning experience, trim candle wick before each use. Burn time approximately 60 hours.