La Mémoire is a heart-first luxury home fragrance brand with a valiant focus on memories and how they relate to the human condition.

How memories shape us, mould us, and connect us all. Through scent, memories allow our souls to expand and ignite and transport us to new realms of possibility.

Memories are unique to the individual, yet our consciousness is collective. Our world is complex, yet in the same breath, it is overflowing with wonder and beauty.

Using only the highest quality of ingredients available, La Mémoire captures moments in time and translates boundless emotions into scents.


Phthalate, Lead and Petroleum-Free

100% Soy Wax

Environment Friendly 100% Cotton Wicks


An eccentric 90s child in the purest sense, Kiersty Fairbairn grew up in the quaint, sleepy town of Lakefield, Ontario, located in the woodsy Kawarthas. As a girl, she would spend countless hours lost deep in the forest where her imagination would propel her to cities in this world and those undiscovered.

The bustling, luminous Toronto would soon welcome her entrepreneurial spirit, flickering curiosity, and joie de vivre. Kiersty’s eye for aesthetics and ability to see beauty in all people and places led her to many successful ventures and this world’s most vibrant, enlivening destinations.

This curiosity and her vast, benevolent heart has allowed for the creation of La Mémoire. Women-owned and led, Kiersty is passionate about helping women discover and dig deep into their soul’s calling.


Kiersty Fairbairn